Force Factor Glutamine, 198 Capsules
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Force Factor Glutamine, 198 Capsules

Glutamine is a critical component of protein metabolism in your skeletal muscle mass. Each capsule is made with only the highest quality L-glutamine powder. Research has shown that much of the amino acids (free-form) in your skeletal muscles are L-glutamine, making it one of the most important chemical components in a workout. Further studies have shown that L-glutamine plays an important role in regulating your immune system and aiding healing, suggesting importance far beyond simply providing a better workout.

Unfortunately, glutamine levels drastically decline over the course of a workout. If levels drop sufficiently, muscle deterioration can result, causing you to lose some of the potential gains from your workout. The pure L-glutamine capsules in Force Factor Glutamine replenish this loss, minimizing the breakdown of tissue while maximizing gains in muscle strength and fullness.

Like any amino acid, balance is key with L-glutamine. Use Force Factor Glutamine before working out to ensure sufficient endurance. Use it after your workout to restore balance and realize the gains from a tough workout. Use Force Factor Glutamine along with Force Factor Whey, Ramp Up, and Nitric Oxide Booster to attain the ideal workout.

The L-glutamine is an amino acid used in such varied processes as kidney regulation and protein metabolism. One of the most researched products used in a tough workout, L-glutamine is most heavily concentrated in the skeletal muscle mass. During strenuous activity, your body can lose substantial amounts of its available glutamine.

Unlike Omega-3 or many vitamins, L-glutamine is produced in the body naturally. Your lungs, brain, and liver all produce L-glutamine, which is often all your body needs for day to day processes. Where Force Factor Glutamine comes in is for anything beyond the day to day. Tough workouts may tear muscle apart in order to grow larger, fuller muscles. L-glutamine is essential in the process of muscle growth and recovery between workouts. The amino acid is so proven that doctors prescribe it to aid in recovery from serious surgery, burns, and illnesses.

When workouts or sickness deplete L-glutamine, it is essential that it be replaced through supplements or other methods. Force Factor Glutamine will help you regulate L-glutamine in your body and prevent levels from dipping too low.

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Force Factor Glutamine, 198 Capsules

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