Beverly International Joint Care
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What: Beverly International's Joint Care is developed from the latest research on nutrients that can promote joint health. The result is a potent formula that combines three targeted ingredients scientifically proven to promote joint health with a precision array of synergistic vitamins, minerals and essential oils.

Who: Anyone requiring extra nutritional support for their cartilage and joints.

Why: JOINT CARE contains the scientifically proven joint support ingredients, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM which work synergistically to enhance each other's benefits:

  • Increase joint flexibility and strength
  • Rebuild damaged cartilage
  • Speed recovery from existing injury or inflammation
  • Relieve swelling and decrease pain
  • Guard against future injury
  • Maintain healthy joints

    How: Take 3 Joint Care capsules daily, (1 with each meal). For existing joint discomfort, take 3 Joint Care capsules three times daily (3 with each meal).

Ironclad Guarantee:  In spite of the fact that Joint Care is not a medication or intended to be a cure, stories of incredible results continue to be reported. 

Contains soy and shellfish(shrimp) ingredients.

Beverly International Joint Care

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