Advanced Muscle Science - Joint FIXX 60 Capsules
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Advanced Muscle Science - Joint FIXX 60 Capsules

Joint Fixx™ for Aggressive Weight Training!

  • Supports Heavy & Aggressive Training
  • Formulated for Easy Once-a-Day Dose
  • Twice as Fast Acting as Standard Joint Repair
  • Next Generation Joint Formula

What is Joint Fixx™

Joint Fixx(TM) is a potent cartilage repair supplement specifically formulated for aggressive weight training & competitive athletes.

Why is Joint Fixx™ Superior to Other Similar Products
Common relied upon joint repair formulas use the tired big 3; chondroitin, MSM & glucosamine and take between 4 & 6 weeks to start working. Further adding to the frustration – the big 3 need to be taken between 3 & 4 times daily. Joint Fixx works within 2 weeks of use and you don’t need to take a handful of capsules – just 2 caps, once per day. In addition, there are no other joint repair products in sports nutrition that use three (3) of the newest and most potent cartilage aids that are completely unknown to aggressive weight trainers & competitive athletes:

  • Turmeric Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • ASU (Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable)

How Does Joint Fixx™ Work
ASU, Turmeric and Hyaluronic Acid have been linked to positively affect epidermis, mucosa and collagen of the skin and bone through minimizing inflammation and cartilage damage from the day-to-day trauma of heavy lifting and athletic endeavors.

More specifically:
Turmeric has been shown to promote Anti-catabolism, anti-inflammation, and joint protection.

ASU Enhances collagen and proteoglycan synthesis in one daily dose compared to multiple doses that you would need for chondroitin sulfate, msm, and glucosamine.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural compound found in the fluid that surrounds and cushions your joints. Supplementing addiitional Hyaluronic Acid, improves skin and joint health and has been shown to efficiently reach both tissues.

What Makes Joint Fixx™ the Strongest on the Market
The synergistic effect of the three main (3) ingredients acts as an overall force field to protect your joints from heavy day to day trauma that can wear your body down over the course of aggressive, chronic weight training and athletic activities.

Why Should I buy Joint Fixx™
Simply put – There is no other joint support supplement on the market that can deliver bodybuilders and athletes safe, effective, efficient and REAL protection like Joint Fixx™ can.

What Results Can I Expect

  • Supports Heavy & Aggressive Training
  • Formulated for Daily Use
  • Next Generation Joint Formula

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Advanced Muscle Science - Joint FIXX 60 Capsules

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